Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nana Mizuki Live Castle X Journey DVD/BD covers!!

Haven't posted anything in a longtime, sorry am working and making a response post about how I first become a Nana fan and my favorite things about Nana-chan. However wine I got my first look at the covers for the new Nana concert DVD/BD covers I hade to post them!

I can't believe I didn't get to attend this Live!!   I was not able to attend any  Live Journey venues and was not in Japan for Live Castle. Stupid work. Am very jealous of all fans how got to attend the concert. It's not the same watching it on a DVD. No most not focus on the bad, think happy stay up beat thats what Nana would do. Going back to the subject, Nana makes a hot guy! ( kinda wired to say that o_0) As with all  Nana DVD covers it's of top quality. From what I've read on other blogs about the Live it was a hell of a show! But hay what can one expect from Nana in Tokyo Dome, her dream stage am just sad I wasn't one of the thousands of fans how was there to experience the dream with her :(   ( most think happy ! am going to see her in 2 Live Union venues !!)