Saturday, January 24, 2015

A very Happy 35th Birthday Nana Mizuki.

Happy Birthday Nana-chan!

Yes it's January 24 and Nana birthday was the 21st, That makes this post late. ( Am Sorrrrry!) 

35, It's hard to believe that this legendary beauty is now 35.

Back in 2006 I first became a fan of Nana-chan, 2007 I attended my first Nana concert.

In 2010 Nana became 30. After that the year was full of rumors about a possible early retirement and even a abandonment of her voice acting to only focus on a main stream music career. At the time that rumor seemed likely, the end of 2009 did have Nana be the first Seiyu invited to be part of the Kōhaku Uta Gassen. Also in 2009 her album 'Unlimited Diamond' topped the Oricon charts.

 Any other singer would have jumped on the chance to break in to the mainstream music world.

But Nana did not turn her back on what she loved. Nana-chan stayed a seiyu before all else. That's probably why she has some of the most devoted fans.
2014 had some bumps in the road for Nana-chan, mostly health issues. Nana downplayed the issue but also made sure to let her fans know she was alright. Her second overseas concert was amazing and topped her 2013 overseas concert.

Another thing that makes me love Nana Mizuki all the more, she's always got something even greater then the year before. 2015 is already promising to be another big year for are dear Nana-chan she well once again be reprising her key not role as Fate in both Nonoha Vivid and the 3rd and final Nonoha film.

She once again for the 6th time graced the stage of Kōhaku and for the 2nd year sing with T.M Revaluation ( my man crush ). One of my favorite unfounded Nana rumors was that she was married to TMR, mainly because every Nana fan knows that Chibi Nana belongs to Yukari Tamaura and she would find off any challengers to Nana-chan hand in marriage.

Again happy 35th birthday Nana Mizuki, have many more and thank you for being the light in the lives of your fans we all wish you good health.  ( sorry again for the post not being out on her actual birthday )