Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday.......ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes to day is my 2#$ birthday, anther year down.

My B-day post should just be me talking about my self but am boring so am going to talk about the coolest picture I have ever seen.

Be Ready!!!!


Sorry but when I found this pic I almost exploded from the EPIC duo of Garo x Nana. Am a big fan of the TV show Garo and anyone who has read this blog knows of my crazy love for Nana-chan, her and Garo in one place is to much!!! >o< Also anther B-day gift for my self was news that I got the new job I was hoping for. I wont travel as much with my new job but the pay is almost the same and its a normal work week plus time off, I'll really miss the traveling around Asia my old job had me doing but change is good, plus I can see friends and family more.

Looking at this picture its just to cool!!! Nana would make a good Makai priestess plus it be great to see her in the leather short shorts that the Makai priestess wear : )

Plus Am know off the AKB wagon, I ordered a copy of the AKB48 Tokyo Dome 3 day live. ( and everything else I missed out on since I stop flowing them ) In closing Happy Birthday me and someone PLZ give me the back story of this Nana x Garo pic!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Happy 19th birthday Saaya!

Yes Saaya-chan is know 19 and....... I think am going to hell just for posting about Saaya even if she is 19.  I hope she has a very happy birthday. It just seems odd to me that am such a fan of this girl, she can't sing to save her life ( just see her with the idol group CHASE and you will see what I mean ) she ok at acting, O Oh  yeah that's why am a fan of hers. Can you blame me I am a guy and Saaya Irie is very hot.

                                                ( Saayas B-Day post from her blog )

今日で19歳になりました。:皆さんはじめまして。 19歳の紗綾です。 19歳。19歳。19歳。 紗綾19歳。 11歳でデビューして、もぅ8年...もっと見る
                                                                   ( English )

I became 19 years old today. : Nice to meet you. It is a 19-year-old Saaya. 19 years old. 19 years old. 19 years old. Saaya 19 years old. To debut at the age of 11, I am 8 years More ... Mo~u

Not a long post just wanted to wish Saaya a Happy B-day so for the male readers of this blog pictures of Saaya in a bikini!!!!!

Yeah am going to hell, but am going happy.

Also I have had no luck with any riping programs so I still need help.