Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy 40th Birthday Yukari Tamura.

It would wonderful to celebrate Yukarin's birthday normally but 2016 has already become a huge year of change for the beautiful Yukari Tamura.

Am sure fans of Yukari & seiyuu music are already in the know of what's happened between Yukari and King records.

If not here's what I know so far.

Back in March of  2015 Yukari made a group of tweets pretty much saying thing were coming to a end and a countdown to the end was beginning. Fans began to wonder if Yukari was getting ready to retire from the industry.

Later on that same year during King Super Live Yukari mentioned that her producer Akio Mishima hadn't attended any of her events or Lives that year.

Yukari has always seemed as a 2nd priority to Mishi-p sometimes even as a problem do to her sometimes childish behavior even if it's just for fun.

After sometime fans began to move past this things then February 9 2016.

First all of a sudden it's announced on Yukari's blog that fan club management was changing and staff Twitter was going to shutdown in March. Also her 2016 tour was canceled. Her 2 popular radio programs well also be ending in March 2016.

After this kingdom destroying announcements King Records and Yukari Tamura were silent on what was going on.  Fans began to ether panic or speculate on what was going on.
Rumors ran from everything from illness, marriage or pregnancy. The silence from both parties made things worse for fans. King refused to make any statement on the issue.

After 4 good days of fan panic, word was leaked from someone close to both King and Yukari Tamura that said she was nether sick, married or pregnant. it turned out that after almost 10 years at king Yukari was leaving.

It now seems that King wanted to have Yukari stay but she herself wants to go.

Personally this doesn't surprise me. Yukari has wanted a image change for a long time and it seemed like King Records was giving her some room to grow, but at the same time holding her back. Her alter ego Yuka and her recent sentai parody are examples of the studio trying to continue to pine Yukari down I think.

Her single 2014 single Eccentric Lover almost seems like a scream for help.

The full version of this PV literally ends with Yukari burning one of the costumes from her 2014 tour.

Also her 2 tour costumes she used in 2015 to preform Eccentric Lover had to be some of the sexist she's ever had.

AS of right now thing are still up in the air with Yukari and what studio she'll be going to. I only hope that she finds happiness wherever she ends up. I hope Yukari had a wonderful birthday celebrating it with those she loves.

Happy 40th birthday Yukari Tamura.

PS. I just remembered I never made a Nana birthday post! :(