Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy valentine's day!

So once again it's time for my V-day post.

Yes Valentines Day, One the most depressing holidays known to man. I however love this day, no work, no one calling about shipping deadlines and no rushed invoices trying to get around my paperwork. ( triplicate people or I can't file the request ! )

Yes just like last year Am going to list the to 15 ( last year it was 20 ) seiyus I would want to give chocolates to. I will not be placing any Akb48 members on the list this year, Anisamas only !

15. Momoiro Clover Z

I love Sentai and MOZ is a great Sentai themed idol group. That alone was a ample reason to get me to pay attention to them. I really enjoy their songs and their concerts but then they go over the top and do a joint release and single with one of my favorite bands of all time,  KISS! Am going to make a post about my favorite western bands soon. I would have posted them higher on the list but there's a large group of new names on the list this year. MOZ and KISS here are some chocolates.

14. Aya Hirano

I said back in 2012 that Aya-dono wasn't done and low and behold 2015 and she's still here and she's going to play Haruhi this year, the little scandal seiyu can't be taken down that easy. So once again Aya-dono here are some chocolates.

13. Shoko Nakagawa

Shoko-tan! Shoko-tan! Yes again The lovely Lv.29 Otaku Idol Shoko Nakagawa makes my V-Day list. Her cat loving and nerdy ways would probably win any mans heart, so why hasn't she found a husband ? For the reasons I listed she's a super nerd and she loves cats. So am going to give Shoko-tan a giant box of chocolates. She can melt them down and take a 2nd bath in chocolate once again making her odd chocolate bathing dream come true.

12.Reika Nakayama ( RAY )

Ray, she just so cute but at the same time she has a way sexy body. As a " normal " male I couldn't ignore that. However Ray is more than just a cute face and sexy body, she a very talented singer and has a tone of potential to go even higher in the anisong world. I hope to see even more of her in 2015. So here you are Ray super yummy chocolates. her song Yawa Janai DID!! -Catch me! To LOVE-Ru is epic ! love the cats.
11. Mamoru Miyano
Soooo Hawt!! Ok like my other V-day posts sex male, female doesn't matter ! Mamoru is also so dreamy..... ok am probably gay. Mamoru-son has been in numerous anime and his songs are pretty boss. Also his Animelo Summer 2013 duet with Nana was epic, if he wasn't already married with a son I would have loved to see him take Nana as his wife. Here are chocolates, you tall slice of beef cake.
10. Angela ( atsuko )
I was a fan of Angela before almost all other Japanese singers that am a fan of now. Atsuko has a powerful and beautiful voice. So here are some chocolates.
10b. Angela ( KATSU )
Like I would leave  KATSU out. Angela is a duo and am not going to lie KATSU is kinda hot. Chocolates for you!
9. May'n
May'n has now been around for 10 years and is only 25 with 2 world tours and numerous hit songs and she is purely a anison. With May'n success at her age she can go a very , very  long way in her career. May'n is one of the anison I can see being just as popular as Nana Mizuki  in the Anison world one day. May'n enjoy your chocolates and I hope you have even greater  success.
8. LiSA
LiSA? I really don't know how to describe what I think about LiSA. She sexy, she's beautiful a great  singer. All of that however are just words, I feel the same emotions from LiSA that I feel when watching Nana. LiSA is also another one to keep an eye on in the future. So again chocolates for the lovely young lady.
7.Kishō Taniyama
All that needs to be said is "HOT BADASS", and he makes a cute crossplayer.
any man who looks that good dressed as a girl should get all the chocolates.

6. Takanori Nishikawa

Takanori Nishikawa, your so cool! Songs like Thunderbird, Vistge, Zip this are only some of his best songs. Abingdon Boys School and TM Revolution are just as awesome. He should merry Nana! I really can't say more about how epic he is. Chocolates for being awesome !
Top 5  ( big changes in the numbers )
5. Aoi Yuuki
I did not get in to Aoi Yuuki because of her work with Nana Mizuki, it was because of her work with  Ayana Taketatsu and Petit Milady. She's super chibi even smaller than Nana! I actually have all here singles plus her work with Petit Milady. To be honest, I been worried about the future of seiyu world this past 6 years. As the seiyus are becoming more and more popular in mainstream Japanese music coulter I was expecting to see huge changes in the way the idols were marketed to the public but no for the most part everything stayed the same. Chibi Aoi as a product of the newer seiyu world holds much promise for the future. She gets a box of chocolates and maybe someday she'll top my list of favorite Anisamas.
4. Ayana Taketatsu 
Azu-nyan! I can't believe Ayana has never been on my valentines day list, I loved her in K-On she is just so damn adorable. Then her measurements were leaked online ( T151 W43 B88 W61 H86 S22.5) and fans learned that Ayana was hiding a body you could bounce a quarter off of. She's adopted a more mature image for her solo work but hasn't gone all out. Her bikini photoshoots have all been very tasteful and not to revealing plus she keeps her cute image with Petit Milady. I need to give her extra chocolates.
3. Sumire Uesaka


She's super creepy, and a USSR  otaku and seems to be just right down crazy. She's also like Ayana in the way that she has a super boxum body. The reason way Sumire is so high on my list is complex and I should just make a post on her alone. The easiest one to put down is because after only a day of lessening to her music I went and purchased all her available stuff from CDJapan. Sumire gets little  Hero of the soviet union medal shaped chocolates.
2. Jam Project
Jam Project will always be one of my favorite Anison bands, a group of legends making some of the most epic music in the anison world. I really don't need to say much more about this team of veterans. Please take this chocolates.
Ok number one was hard to chose, so for right now it's going down as a tie. This matter will be taken to a satisfactory conclusion soon. It could mean Nana losing her number one spot.
1. Nana Mizuki & Yukari Tamura


Yukari is screaming with her changes over the past year! I have a post am making after I watched Yukaris PV for Eccentric Lover. Her changes are coming down fast, maybe because she's going to be 39 this year she could be planning a retirement announcement. I just know that am loving her more and more. I looked more forward to Yukaris 2014 BD Live then I did Nana Live Flight. Can't count everyones Nana out yet! Nana Mizuki just keeps getting more and more beautiful and her career is still on a up street. I truly love Nana and Yukari their music still helps me get through the tough times in my life and one of the highlights of my year is the release of Live BD's and CD's from this two beautiful people. Nan and Yukari please enjoy the chocolates. ( anyone think that if this two actually did receive joint chocolates that Yukari and her 2 cats would take them and not share with chibi Nana. )
That concludes my Valentines Day post, I have to go now and get ready for my own V-day plans. Also Am going to write a longer post on my thoughts on both Yukari and Nanas  changes over the past year and chose the tie breaker.
So to all Happy V-day!