Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anime Expo 2012...... and getting to meet LiSA in pearson !!

hallo?  Anyone still here?  No ? Good so it's ok to post again. Am sorry for not posting anything for a long time, lots happening. For one Am going on a trip next month to Japan to attend a Nana concert..... like there's any other reason to and uh? No that's it acutely.

I however have other greatness to post about. Like attending Anime Expo in L.A California, crazy story behind it to. To the crazy, one of my  friends calls me out of the blue and asks " want to go to AX ?" ( Anime Expo ). It was odd for him to ask because it was the day it started and I live over 2,000 miles from L.A. He than side he was buying the plane ticket and if I refused he would kill me. I love my life so I agreed. 6 am the next day I was at GWB in houston to get going.... unfortunately some date mix up on US Airways website had me stuck in Houston until 3pm. I get to L.A at 6.30pm, found my friend and went  to the Expo.

Landed in L.A
So am on the ground back in my love and home California!! Get my Expo pass and..... my names wrong on the pass and I want be able to attend FictionJunction Live. NOO!! So off to a bad start, I've seen FictionJunction live before back in 2009 at Animelo summer Live rebridge. ( still the best ASL i've attended ) I also learned that LiSA was a guests this year ( someone else I so at a Animelo Summer, 2010) As I cam to grips with missing Yuki Kajiura I also learned I would not be able to attend LiSA live. I did love the cosplay and the Con.
hay Doctor Who!

some sayins

I have over 150 pics I'll post the others later. I than hit the dealer room not really looking for anything just walking around, than I found a table with Nana Mizuki goods. ( and my money lift my wallet ) Old issues of Pick-up Voice and other thing. I've never understood why it's so hard to get Nana stuff at American Anime cons but this table had a good amount of Anison stuff. Pickup 3 Nana magazines a first press copy of "Time Space Ep" ( I have 3 of the same CD all First Press, am a sad fanboy) and a new Jam Project cd.

So after my friend got back from the LiSA concert he gave me a blue ticket and side it was for LiSA CD signing. So I went to go get a CD signed. Luck not withholding, there was no signing. No, but something even cooler happened. It was a photo shoot!! Yes LiSA came out greeted the fans and toke pictures with each of us. Yahhh!!! picture with LiSA!! My turn came and I went to say " Hi!"

All was going to be great, I'd meet LiSA and shack her hand and...... my camera just killed itself !! The way the shoot worked was you give you're camera to a staff member and they take the picture. All would have been good if my cameras would take a clean pic, but no fuzzy town !!!

As you can see fuzzy as hell!! ( I fuzzed out my face even more ) So I was asked to please go so that other people could get there picture. It was than that I realized I had anther camera !! I quickly got it out and asked if I could use this one, they agreed and for once my luck held out!!

She is so cute!! She's also Tiny !! ( but am short to )  After the awesomeness of meeting LiSA was over I once again got my bad luck back. I went to see if I could buy one of LiSA's CD only to find out they were all sold out. there was a up side to all of this, I got a e-mail informing me that my work had agreed to give me my time off next month.

So all and all not a bad trip, oh before I forget am re-uploading all of my dead torrents am sorry for taking so long.