Friday, March 6, 2015

Happy 17th ( 39th ) Birthday Yukari Tamura.

Happy Birthday Yukari ! ( late post, epic fail on me! )

Happy 17th birthday. Yes 17, I know she's actually 39.

Everyones favorite lazy idol is one year older and one year closer to 40. Let's all just take time to let that sink in, Yukarin is going to be 40 soon.

Am hoping that Yukari has a wonderful day and enjoys her birthday. She can let that violence she has in her out to play.

But let's put the loli cat torture part of Yukari aside and get down to the massive image changes she's done this past 2 years. Yukari has become steadily more adult in her MVs and concerts. I've made several blog post about the more daring Yukari and overall fan feed back on the more adult Yukari and her alter ego Yuka are overwhelming positive.

Yuka ( Yukaris alter ) is actually very attractive in shorts, could  give Nana a run for her money.
I said back in 2013 that yukari was getting ready for a graduation ( retirement ) announcement, but so far as of now she still going strong.
I want to put down more on some  other things about Hima-sama but am saving them for my Nana x Yukari break down post, I must settle my mind over who I love more !
So again Happy Birthday Yukari Tamura, I hoped you enjoyed a wonderful birthday and are ready to give it your all this year and make it the best year so far.
here are tons  of pictures of Yukari.  224 pics!

Happy Birthday Yukari !