Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy 34th Birthday Nana Mizuki !

To day ( yesterday actually ) everyone's favorite Nana Mizuki turned 34. Yaaaaaa ! happy Birthday Nana-chan !

So Sexy! >o<

Ok, ok I won't be a pervert am sorry.  So another year of growth for are little Nana-chan. In my opinion the defining part of this year for Nana was her collaboration with Takanori Nishikawa ( T.M Revolution  aka one hot slice of beef cake aka one of the 10 men I would merry ).

Cute, nervous Nana around a hafe naked man who's actually very hot. ( ~.~ ) Am surprised Nana Mizuki 's management let her with in 10,000 feet of a man who wasn't trusted staff or a member of the cherry boys. She just so damn sheltered. That's  probably why the rumors of the 2 of them getting married started popping up. It was adorable watching Nana deny the unfounded rumors. It was also awesome watching Nishi-kun pick on her.

The actual real big news for Nana was of course Nana's first big steps in to the world with 2 overseas lives. When Nana announced her live at the Legacy Taipei in Taiwan, It made me hope that Nana would come to the United States for a live.

Just one more look at the happy couple. (LOL)

I would write much more to celebritie Nana-chan's birthday but am every short on time, the past 2 months have been hell. I have been in the Ukraine for most of it and am currently in Russia for the next 2 weeks ( Moscow ) I just hope my e-mail with this post gets to my home so my housemate can post it up. Almost forgot after I get back to the States i'll be leaving again after only a week stay, but I'll be in Japan for almost 2 months ( finally ! ) So if their are any Nana concerts from February to mid April someone please let me know !

I need to get going and back to work, So once again Nana happy birthday please be happy in this life and have many more birthdays and keep being a light of inspiration to your fans who love you.

P.S can anyone tell me why Nana was in New York ? It's hard to get info here. I just found out 20 minutes ago that Yuko Oshima was graduating from AKB, that's how behind I am >.<