Sunday, April 6, 2014

Akimoto Sayaka is a Makai bad-ass!

Former Akb48 team K goddess Akimoto Sayaka is in the new season of Garo.

Yes the beautiful and bad ass Akimoto Sayaka is part of the cast of Garo season 4 titled " Garo Makai no Hana".

Sayaka-san will be playing the Makai Priestess Bikuu.  From what I've been able to find out about her character, Bikuu is a Makai priestess charged with the duties of hunting down fallen Makai Nights.

It's not very hard for me to see Sayaka-san in this kind of role, Makai Priestesses in the Garo show have always been depicted as strong and independent women. Sayaka-san is a incredibly strong women and just so awesome!
Am rambling I know but Sayaka-san was always one of my favorite Akb48 members and when she graduated I was genuinely sad. I always felt that she got stiffed by the Akb management, never  getting the attention she was rightfully owed. Even though she always got the short end of the stick she never once allowed it to get her down.
The only down sides I can see to this is, One Sayaka is only in the show for a short period of time ( like one or two episodes ) before she leaves the show or is killed. The second down side I can see happening is that Sayaka-san ends up playing a character who is to similar to her Majisuka Gakuen character Chokoku. Actually that would be pretty bad ass to see Chokoku using a Makai Brush. >o<
                                                 Beautiful Sayaka-san as Chokoku.

Am looking forward to seeing Sayaka-san kick some Horror ass. I also really hope Akimoto Sayaka character Bikuu becomes this Garo seasons Rekka  and Jabi ( Garo fans know what I mean ) all in one awesome bundle.
Am glad to see Sayaka-san in a TV show again and I hope to god that Garo season 4 makes up for the shows 3rd season.
Until next time later everyone!