Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saaya - Junjou Ai

YAAAAAAHHHHHHHH SAAYA IRIE!!!! To day a new Saaya Irie dvd Just came in from yesasia.com I'll have the torrent up tonight.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy birthday Yukari Tamura.

Happy B-day to Yukarin (Yukari Tamura) to day she is 17 years old.... no not really shes 36!!

Look at this girl she looks 17! If Nana eats 2 to 3 kids to stay young Yukarin takes out a freaking pre-school to keep that. The turning 17 thing every year is some odd J-pop idol thing that some do, I think it makes the fans think that the idol stays sweet and pure. Some fans get why to in to it  as I found out in 2009 they can be violent, But that's a different story. Yukari Tamura is not for everybody, her music doesn't have the range that Nana  has . Must of her songs sound to cutesy. I like her Live Shows more than must of her her song (exp. "Gratitude", "Don't wake me up" and "Fancy baby doll"). I can't  listen to must of her song unless am watching one of her live dvd or at one of her live. Hell its saved me a butt load on cd purchases. So to finish up happy 36th birthday Yukarin, here's some pics of her at her cutest.

yukarin crowded by her band.

stealing bunny dolls

planning the end of the world

going to eat kids

Happy birthday Yukari Tamura.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

May'n torrent 2.0

Hay am re-posting my May'n torrent with the movie + extras. I should have put this up with the first one, but am lazy and work. I have a week off so I'll pomp out new torrents. A new Saaya dvd comes in on tuesday and we all love saaya.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Blu-Ray VS DVD

Hey guys! As of recently (a.k.a. right now lol) we are considering switching from DVD to Blu-Ray for a few reasons. A couple of reasons why we are contemplating this is better quality (for you guys :D) and they are less expensive. I know the latter reason sounds weird but we have found better prices for things in Blu-Ray.

Before any decisions we are asking you guys what you think? DVD or Blu-Ray? You can vote for it in the poll or comment/post. Communicate with us so we know what you guys are more interested in. Even with DVD we can still encode it to a higher quality and change the format.

We really want your opinion on this as we plan to pick up more activity with the blog and before any new material is bought we want to know what the people think.

Thanks much guys!

Let us know if we should continue using DVD or move to Blu-Ray or a mixture of them both?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

[FMR] May'n The Movie -Phonic Nation-

Ahhhhh no! With all the random post I forgot that I post torrents to, am sorry so heres "May'n The Movie -Phonic Nation-".

Am sorry again for the longtime of no torrents but here have some May'n, she goes good with any full meal. This is a mix of a Live show and documentary, so a "live document'' I don't know. It's a good movie  it makes up for the fact that May'n didn't release a Live dvd of her 2010 tour.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Forum Launch

Sorry for the inactivity lately everyone but here I am with a new update to the blog! We have implemented a basic forum on the blog for everyone to interact with each other as well as post requests for material they can't find elsewhere, seeds, etc. etc. I know right now that it is only a basic forum but this is just to get us started so we can get to know our users! Any site suggestions are deeply appreciated as we are new and still in the learning process. Thanks everyone for the continued support and let us know if you have any questions.

Anyone can view the forums but to post and reply you have to be a registered member.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ahh Valentine's day another day to sleep in, 1 because am off work, 2 Am not catholic and don't believe in that Jesus cross thing. However growing up in one of the 3rd party religions in the good old USA means doing the ''christians thing'' (not complaining, I liked the day's off schools). As suchlike I learned of Valentine's day the candy versions anyway, But back to stuff that matters. Am going to list the anisons I wood give chocolates to! ( gender does not effect my list)

1. Nana Mizuki

Yah..... no surprise there Nana is number 1 on my list. Her simple beauty and talent is what makes her the best. She remains humble despite the fact her career as singer has gone fare higher than anyone eles in the anison world. For A anison ( anime singer ) Budokan show is a big venue. Nana unlike other anisons has not only made it to mainstream music but has been successful, her show Live Castle sold out Tokyo Dome the biggest concert venue in Japan. She still crys when singing some of her songs especially Shin Ai her song for her late father. Must of all ( yes even more than how awesome her butt looks in shorts and pj pants ) she is still the same Nana Kondo she was back in when she lived on only 180k yen a year. ( remember thats yen she was a pauper ) 

2. Yukari Tamura

Yukari Tamura doesn't get much love on this blog so why is she number 2? I love her lives, but am not a fan of all her songs. Unlike Nana Yukari is 100% otaku approved. She dresses in lolita clothing all the time and doesn't act like a adult. She acts like a kid, her voice is very high and cute and she plays with thing on stage during lives and rehearsals. I know it sounds like am bashing her but those things make me love her more plus she has a sexy side. A segment of her live shows is Cool Yukarin, during this part she usually has a more adult fell to to her, She sings in a very sexy voice. Also the song are more jazzy, she acutely has  very adult tastes in music. That is another thing that makes me love her and give her the 2 spot on the list. She not just some cut out idol.

3. Kishō Taniyama

As I side gender doesn't mean anything to me!!! My number 3 shows that Kisho Taniyama is voice talent and one of the coolest anisons out today. He's the front man of the rock band GRANRODEO and songwriter for the band. I know why a guy, why not shoko or Aya. This list doesn't so much as show how much I love them as it does how much I respect there talent. Kisho-sama has talent he can sing and dance his voice is versatile and it's made him the top male voice actor in the anime industry. I don't know much  about him news on male anisons is hard to come by, but I so him live at animelo summer live 2009 and loved it. ( am not gay I just have no shame so heres some chocolates Kisho-sama )

4. Shoko Nakagawa

Shokotan! SHOKOTAN!!!! She not 100% otaku approved she over 9000% otaku approved. Shoko Nakagawa also known as "nerd princess Shoko Nakagawa" is herself a otaku. A fan of anime, manga and even sentai shows! She doesn't just say that, her dream for the longest time was to be the next pink ranger she even tryout for the spot 4 different times but was past over because  she's not athletic. She buys and makes her own cosplay and is a close friend of  jackie chan. She's also a manga artists and draws the characters in her concert handouts. Plus she's hot really really hot. She loves the otaku life and doesn't want to change.

5. Okui Masami

She's 43 years old and has a set of legs that kill anyone else on this list. Makun to fans Okui-chan has been active since 1988 and has released and contributed to over 75 albums all anime related. A anison from the beginning of her career. You've probably listened to some of her songs and don't know it, Utana opening song was her and songs with the Jam project. I don't know how someone as old as she is can be that hot, As she gotten older her image has changed from kinda blah to sexy as hell. She's not as big as Yukarin and Nana-chan, she couldn't sale out Budokan on her own but Okui-chans a team player. Get her together with the other 5 members of Jam Project and look out because there a power house in the anison world.
6. Hironobu Kageyama
One of the best known anisons, he is Mr. DBZ Hironobu Kageyama. I love this man, not sexually mind you but I've listening to his music since I was 8 and am 28! Like Okui Masami he's a anison to the end. He got the nickname Mr.DBZ because he song most of the opening and ending for the show Dragon Ball Z plus the image songs. One the founding member of the Jam Project and band leader. He's 50 years old and he can still put on a 3 hour live why singing and moving around like a crazy man on stage, hell at 46 he had a 24 hour live with Jam project.  the chocolates for Hironobu-dono are for deep  respect and hopefully the chance to get Okui Masami's phone number. :) 
7. May'n
May'n not a voice actress and not really a anison so why is she on my list? She a returning guest to Animelo Summer for 4 years and animax for 3 years, She got her fam from Macross Frontier as the singing voice of Sheryl Nome. She cute strong and shows potential of becoming one of the big name in anison and mainstream music. Must anison otaku don't like her, but hay they were the ones on 2chan back in 2001 calling this new girl named Nana Mizuki a two timer because she side she wanted to be a voice actress and a singer, also that she couldn't make it. I like May'n she has a great voice and banging body. Her songs cover many different kinds of music and must are kinda cachey.
8. Minami Kuribayashi

She has the biggest cleavage out of all the girls on this list. What? more? Thats all I got, I don't own any of her cd and live dvd. I only know about her because she uses 2 members of GRANRODEO in her on stage band. I watch her at the Animelo summer Live 2008-2010 but she didn't standout to me, she seems very close to Kisho Taniyama. So yah i'll give her chocolates so I can say am giving chocolates to Kisho-sama twice.

9. Masaaki Endoh
Masaaki Endoh

Masaaki Endoh makes it on to the chocolates lists because he's cool!! He is another founder of the Jam Project and has the must powerful voices in anison music. Just watch him on any of the Jam Projects live. He does songs for super sentai shows, like other male anisons its hard  to get info on him. Other than his work in Jam Project I don't know much else. I like his look on stage with his crazy hair. He is a private person so again not much info. Thats why his number 9 on my chocolates list plus he cosplayed as a girl.

10. Mika of Daisy x Daisy

Make sure to give this thing of chocolates to or big sister and this one is for you Mika. Mika Kondo ''Mika'' is a great singer she however is under her big sister shadow ( Nana Mizuki ) but seeing her sing and her on stage someone might see her as a younger sexy Nana, But she's her own person. Yes they sound almost the same but am glad that Mika doesn't just jump on her sisters image. She is doing her own thing so she gets chocolates. It wood be so cool to see Nana & Mika on stage together!! ( 2 hot sister good start to a porno )

11. Aya Hirano

Aya Hirano she's a demon girl and human. So she has sex so does Nana Mizuki, Yukari Tamura thay just don't put it on the street. Aya however side she didn't want to be a voice actress are anison anymore. At one point Aya was going to take Nana out of the top of the anison world but she fall from grace and must of her otaku fan bass lift her, But she's back and going strong she has voice acting roles, new ones and she's a regular on Tv shows. I don't think Aya's done she'll come back. So even if she's at the bottom of my list she still gets chocolates. (but she does put out? : )

Thats my list tall me how you want to give chocolates.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Nana Mizuki Live Castle x Journey Expected release date: May 2, 2012. Preorder Now!

YES!!!!! THE NEWS OF THE YEAR(for Nana fans) . I logged on to yesaisa.com to see that Live Journey and Castle will be out beginning of May. Kings night and Queens night nana's Tokyo Dome live will released with 2 different live journey shows. Queens Night has the Live Journey SAITAMA venue and Kings Nights the SENDAI venue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Not a very important post but Animelo Summer Live 2011 just released the dvd cover for both days.


day 2

Thursday, February 9, 2012

[F-M-R] The foil girl!!

Am not sure if anyone on this blog knows this but I am an artist at anime cons, a.k.a conventions, in the state of Texas. Not my day job, I work for a Shipping company in Thailand, but that's not important. Like I said I am an artist, I use foil to make figures of anything I like. Almost all figures I bring to cons are anime characters, but some times I get some non-anime requests. The detail and time in my babes show, at most cons I sale out the first day and have to quickly make more. So I've made a figure for the blog -the foil girl- I don't have a name for her, anyone have a good suggestion?

front view


Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Fun From YesAsia.com

OK I love Nana Mizuki... Just had to say that! I am never using standard shipping to ship from overseas. I had ordered shokotans 2011 live and took three weeks to get here, unbelievable.  It shipped out the same day I also ordered the DVD's from the last post and they got to me first. Why you may ask? Well when I placed my other order I paid the 11$ for the 2-4 day shiping and forgot to do so for shokotan. Here's the lives long ass name. SHOKO NAKAGAWA Live Tour 2011"Imakoso Danketsu! - Egao no Wa - Natsumatsuri Special" (First Press Limited Edition)(Japan Version)

After Nana and Aya, Shoko Nakagawa is my number 3. Yes I still love Aya hirano, just because she banged her band (except the bass player) doesn't mean she's evil it means she's human.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Yes today my latest DVD purchases from http://www.yesasia.com/us/en/home.html came in. Am watching them to make sure there's no problems with the DVD. I'll upload them as soon as I can.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



I found this pic online yesterday am not sure what's it from, some magazines. The title alone got my attention "NANA BODY", Ok some magazines rundown of her curves? As if every male Nana fan wasn't already. (and some of her female fans) So in a quest for the truth I check my Nana fev news blog http://jouttex.otadesho.com/. Unfortunately she had nothing, she's currently blowing up twitter and ignoring her blog. So am just going to make up what I think it means. First I look at the picture Nana laying down on a "loveseat" not sexy but cute. Also on the picture had article parts.

Ok ''Nana's body check'' as in check out her body, her bodys good. She's got great hips and a nice ass.  ( and it looks awesome in shorts, Just watch 2009 Live Fever) Other than her lower body her upper boby rocks to. Her face is pretty and she doesn't  need much  makeup, plus she goes for the less you can see look.

Part 2. "NANA'S BODY'' ....and some japanese kanji
What's the difference from part 1? Need to learn japanese kanji. I'll just make the assumptions that they tall you what she likes to do with her body I don't  know. ( she could talk about what she likes to do in bad..... come on Nana no one thinks our a virgin)

Yes it side " MAKES " but what the hell does this even mean? Make her body, so is she made from rainbows and the smiles of kids. Possibly gummy bars uuuh maby caramel everyone loves caramel, and she's sweet and may be good on green apples. Of course I know she's made from meat blood and bones....... And rainbows!!!

I know the dame article is about her workout routine I can see the weights on the floor, am sure it informed her fans how a 32 year old women looks that good, we know the truth about her .... she eats children to keep her youth just watch 3-4 of the HK kids dance  team that are on stage with her sometimes are going to turn  up missing  :)  I love you Nana even if you eat kids.