Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Yukarin! TO MUCH SKIN!!!!! Yukari Tamura "NUDE" CD cover.

Am not a huge Yukarin fan, I enjoy her concerts. I do however know that Yukari Tamura's magazine pictures have been getting sexier this past 2 years. Am assuming this is because she's getting up their in years ( 37 ). I also know she's cutesy and a "cult of 17" Idol, But this CD back has me wondering what kind of crazy reaction her fans are going to have. Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you Yukarin nude?  

Avoiding sounding to perverted ( Not possible considering my Saaya posts ) Yukarin is incredibly hot, Has a much larger bust then I would have thought she had.

This however for me brings up a question.  I love the idol culture in Japan, So many good memories querying in line for hours to see Nana or murdering a man for his lottery ticket to get in to the Akb48 theater ( joking or am ! -_- ) all good and fun. However both Nana and Yukari are adults, Nana has been said to be to sheltered with her staff and producer acting like over protective fathers guarding their daughter. Yukari has to give off a loli image at all times.

Please don't think am trashing them, women celebrities like Yukarin and Nana-chan are a rare thing nowadays.  The thing that bugs me is that is this a good thing for them to always maintain this innocent image ? I wouldn't want them to become like most American female singers but maybe a bit more adult image.

The purely innocent image that Yukarin has always had is probably why something as tame as this picture got me to post, Just like Nana's FRIday magazine pictures had her fans in a uproar. These  Idols are so innocent that something like this can make a fuss.

This could be Yukarin's way of trying to change her image or it could just be a perfectly innocent ( and sexy ) photo shoot.

Here are some of my favorite Yukari Tamura photos.

Believe me there are tons more I like but have to finish up, It's almost 4:30am here in Texas and am about to watch a live stream of  "AKB48 34th Single rock-paper-scissors tournament selection".