Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nana Mizuki " Twilight highway star "

No idea why am posting this, probably from sleep deprivation why I scan my copy of " Shin Ai " on to my computer, but I love this song so much. One of my top 5.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fresh Lemons anyone ? Miori Ichikawa, To damn cute!!

This blog has been pumping out to many AKB48 posts. No, No more am going to post about my beloved Nana, to hell with AKB48!


I hate you AKB, I truly hate you. Now after finding out about adorable Miori Ichikawa I have to do one more horrible AKB48 post, DAMN U DAMN U!!!

 Furesshu remon ni naritai no!! ( big smile on face and also doing the movements ) NO ME ! You stop that right now!

Ok, ok I'll just do another AKB48 post. ( curse you Lemon ) So as anyone who reads this blog knows I've recently gotten back in to AKB48. Normally not a problem to get back in to something you use to enjoy, but AKB is a huge evil money pit, more evil than Nana's Live goods. ( oh so expensive, but so wonderful ! I say why I open my box of "live circus" concrt goods I acquired from a friend ) Anyway back to my post.

As part of my fall back in to AKB fandom I started watching old episodes of AKBINGO ( Akb48 first and still best verity show ) as I watched episode after episode from the shows beginning to present I was remained as to what made me fall in love with this girls and there craziness. As I watched some faces came and went, And others stuck around...... but then she came along cute little Miori.

The reason this girl stuck out to me has to do with fate. ( yes fate like nana fan fate, my nana fan fate was my 2nd 3 digits of my phone number being " 777 " crazy cool! ) But my "Lemon fate" may be more awesome then my " Nana fate ". 10x cooler. I had to do a double take when I first found out what Miori name was, Miori..... Miori. I was shocked and said to my self " really Miori? No why" So to confirm this with my self I stepped out side to double check the name of the apartment complex I lived in and it was the same. Check this out!

Yah something definitely calling to me on this one, more proof I was meant to return to this evil fandom. I got a good kick out of this but didn't post at first. I wanted to learn more about Miorin, because the decision for any WOTA to change their Oshi ( favorite ) is a big one. Also I'm working so not much posting about Idol time.                                                                                                   
After much deliberations in my head I came to the decision to make Miroi Ichikawa ( Lemon, Fresh Lemon, Miorin ) my new oshimen. She to damn adorable she like a chibi Yukari Tamura and just to damn goofy not to love. Now that Mayuyu is not my oshi I've already taken flack from my friend in Yokohama. She informed me over Skype that I can't just change my Oshi so easily and not to that evil women Sasshi! (  Sashihara Rino ) 

After the wild accusations were done. As soon as I had told her I was changing my oshi she just assumed I was becoming a Sasshi supporter. ( she's hated Sasshi from day one, and her victory over Oshima Yuko just made it worst for her ) I assured her I was not talking about Sasshi but Miorin, and I was then joked at for 20 minutes. In the end my Yokohama friend excepted my choice and reminded me to hate Sasshi.
I don't hate Sashihara Rino
So I've taken another step in to financial ruin witch is AKB48 fandom please don't save me I want this !
Damn! to cute!! I promise my next post will be about anything other then  AKB48!