Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Xmas !

HI and Merry Xmas everyone!

I hope everyone has a good and happy what ever you calibrate time of the year, me not being the Xmas type don't really do the X Mas thing but I did get my self something for X Mas. I had to find a way to drop 250 $ for a Live BD and not fell bad, why not do it this way. SO saying to my self "I'm  buying a X Mas gift for my self" I went and got me one ( 3 ) copy of the long coming AKB48 Tokyo Dome Live. 

Yes I got the 3 Day BD set of the show and am going to watch all 3 days of the concert today, Soooo much happened at this concert like Acchan having her graduation and   Takamina getting her solo contract, and the team reshuffle!!!! I can't wait to see all of this thing, so am going to be spending  Xmas with my guilty pleasure of AKB48  and than after I watch the 2nd best Tokyo Dome Live ( AKB48 ) am going to re-watch the best Tokyo Dome Live ( do I really need to say who had the best Tokyo Dome Live). Again I wish everyone a happy X Mas and a happy new year.

PS. don't do the math on how much i dropped on 3 copy's of this concert. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday.......ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes to day is my 2#$ birthday, anther year down.

My B-day post should just be me talking about my self but am boring so am going to talk about the coolest picture I have ever seen.

Be Ready!!!!


Sorry but when I found this pic I almost exploded from the EPIC duo of Garo x Nana. Am a big fan of the TV show Garo and anyone who has read this blog knows of my crazy love for Nana-chan, her and Garo in one place is to much!!! >o< Also anther B-day gift for my self was news that I got the new job I was hoping for. I wont travel as much with my new job but the pay is almost the same and its a normal work week plus time off, I'll really miss the traveling around Asia my old job had me doing but change is good, plus I can see friends and family more.

Looking at this picture its just to cool!!! Nana would make a good Makai priestess plus it be great to see her in the leather short shorts that the Makai priestess wear : )

Plus Am know off the AKB wagon, I ordered a copy of the AKB48 Tokyo Dome 3 day live. ( and everything else I missed out on since I stop flowing them ) In closing Happy Birthday me and someone PLZ give me the back story of this Nana x Garo pic!!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Happy 19th birthday Saaya!

Yes Saaya-chan is know 19 and....... I think am going to hell just for posting about Saaya even if she is 19.  I hope she has a very happy birthday. It just seems odd to me that am such a fan of this girl, she can't sing to save her life ( just see her with the idol group CHASE and you will see what I mean ) she ok at acting, O Oh  yeah that's why am a fan of hers. Can you blame me I am a guy and Saaya Irie is very hot.

                                                ( Saayas B-Day post from her blog )

今日で19歳になりました。:皆さんはじめまして。 19歳の紗綾です。 19歳。19歳。19歳。 紗綾19歳。 11歳でデビューして、もぅ8年...もっと見る
                                                                   ( English )

I became 19 years old today. : Nice to meet you. It is a 19-year-old Saaya. 19 years old. 19 years old. 19 years old. Saaya 19 years old. To debut at the age of 11, I am 8 years More ... Mo~u

Not a long post just wanted to wish Saaya a Happy B-day so for the male readers of this blog pictures of Saaya in a bikini!!!!!

Yeah am going to hell, but am going happy.

Also I have had no luck with any riping programs so I still need help.

Monday, September 17, 2012

S.O.S!! I need HELP!!!!

YO everyone and to get to the point, HELP ME!!!

Yes I need the help of my readers, I need to find a new DVD ripping program. If anyone can send me a link to a good free DVD/BD ripper I'll be able to get my promised torrents back out. I need one that can rip all DVD and BD. The sooner the better, please leave any links to a ripper below in the comments box, also leads to a website is good to, so please help!!

A reward is offered !!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

A anime for fans only, My opinion on AKB0048

Hallo, don't have much free time this days to post on my blog. I'm still in shock after Live Union earlier this month and work, plus a nasty fever I just recovered from. The fever is the reason am making this post.

I woke up at the beginning of last weekend with a high fever, not really being able to do anything I just lay on the couch watching Netflix for the first hafe of saturday. ( not to different from my normal saturday ) After 2 season of law & order I went online to see if I could just download some new anime off nyaa torrents, didn't see anything that I really wanted to watch. Unfortunately it was then that my eye was trapped by a name i've been avoiding for 3 years. ( I hate to admit this but from 2007 to 2009 I was a AKB48 junkie ) Crazy thing about this however was the title "AKB0048" and it was a anime. I'd known that AKB48 had a anime but part of the recovery process is avoiding anything  AKB48, that includes when Nana Mizuki dose tv shows with them.

I fully blame my high fever for my next actions, I downloaded the first 13 episodes of the show. Not being up to date with the newest AKB news ( not including the newest scandal with Sashihara Rino and her demotions to HKT48 ) Oh god am off the wagon! Yes I watched all 13 episodes in one day. As the show started I soon released why so many people hate this show, it's for hard core fans of AKB48. The idea behind the show is a mix of Macross Frontier and the movie Footloose starring Kevin Bacon.

Yes, just made a Footloose reference. In the future the human race is split in 2 groups, those who live in happy sunshine land with freedom and all that jazz and those who live under the"entertainment ban" they live under gray skys of death or complete urban shit holes. The difference between the two is so drastic it's funny.

The picture above is AkbaStar, the home base  for AKB0048, the one below is lancaster a world under the entertainment ban.

As you can see crazy difference between the 2. So some 70 years in the future the Idol group AKB48 is not only still together but is now holding illegal concerts on the entertainment ban worlds. The group is now cald AKB0048 and all members inherited the names of past original members, in some cases names of some members have been inherited 13 times. Like all animes it focus around a group of happy young girls and bla bla. In the case of AKB0048 the 4 main girls attended a AKB0048 concert held on there home planet of Lancaster where entertainment is banned. As the 4 small girls watch the show there so moved that they make a promise that all 4 of them will someday become members of the idol group.

And 4 years later the 4 girls make there dream come true, ok not that quickly they first get shoot at and have missiles fired at theme, than only to become junior members and not part of Team A ( hopefully no one knows what Team A is ) So they become the 77th group of understudies. Am not going to summarize the entire show just beginning.

I found my self actually really liking the show even if in some parts the cheese factor was at max. As a former    fan of AKB48 the main part that got me was the music, plus all the fan-boy name dropping ( stop kidding my self am still a fan). The music in the show ranges  from old favorites to new stuff, like the song "beginner". Also all the understudies are voiced by actual members of AKB48 and the main members of AKB0048 are voiced by veteran voices actress. By veteran I mean some of the biggest names in the industry, Yukari Tamura and Yui Horie just to name 2.

Senbatsu Members (Successors)

Yūko Ōshima the 9th 
Voiced by: Akemi Kanda

Minami Takahashi the 5th 
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi

Sayaka Akimoto the 10th 
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi

Tomomi Itano the 11th
Voiced by: Kana Ueda

Yuki Kashiwagi the 6th
Voiced by: Yui Horie

Haruna Kojima the 8th
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto

Sae Miyazawa the 10th 
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara

Mayu Watanabe Mark 3
Voiced by: Yukari Tamura

Atsuko Maeda the 13th 
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

Kenkyūsei (Understudies)
( All  voiced by members of the Real AKB48 and her sister groups  )

Nagisa Motomiya 
Voiced by: Karen Iwata  ( AKB48's Team 4 )

Chieri Sono 
Voiced by: Mayu Watanabe  ( AKB48's Team A )

Orine Aida 
Voiced by: Sayaka Nakaya  ( AKB48's Team A )

Yūka Ichijō 
Voiced by: Amina Sato  ( AKB48's Team K )

Suzuko Kanzaki 
Voiced by: Sawako Hata  ( SKE48's Team KII )

Sonata Shinonome 
Voiced by: Kumi Yagami  ( SKE48's Team S )

Makoto Yokomizo
Voiced by: Mao Mita  ( NMB48's Team M )

Kanata Shinonome
Voiced by:  Haruka Ishida  ( AKB48's Team B )

Mimori Kishida 
Voiced by: Sumire Sato  ( AKB48's Team B )

Megumi Wanibuchi 
 Voiced by: Momoka Kinoshita ( NMB48's Team M )

OK, Am more then sure am off the wagon.

Also in the show is the future WOTA, yes AKB's crazy fans are there with there chanting and there missile glow sticks and Itasha robots !

After reading other blogs, the show has a massive wave of negative reviews. Am not surprised this is a show almost completely amid at WOTA and other hard core AKB fans. The show is not friendly to the anime fan who dose not have a almost stocker knowledge of the crazy culture of AKB48, Also at times the show my have taken a few ideas from  Macross Frontier. ( by that I mean it seems like AKB jumped Ranka and stole her phone ) don't take my word for it just look.

the alien / stage lighting "Kirara" is the first pic the 2nd is Ranka Lee's phone.

So yah kinda a ripoff, but hay what's not this days. There's other examples of it's similarities to Macross F Like the over done CG concerts parts and the power of song to change the hearts of the people. The main point of this post was to get my opinion of the anime across and as a fan ( yes am probably going to start buying there stuff again ) I don't think I can give a fare opinion but all the people who said the show sucks also say they don't like idol culture to start with. In closing, If your a fan of AKB48 you'll probably love the show and the overly used characters types and if your not a fan you'll see the show as a steaming bag of shit. Love it or hate it, your choice but give it a chance.

Also my next post will have my updated torrents.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anime Expo 2012...... and getting to meet LiSA in pearson !!

hallo?  Anyone still here?  No ? Good so it's ok to post again. Am sorry for not posting anything for a long time, lots happening. For one Am going on a trip next month to Japan to attend a Nana concert..... like there's any other reason to and uh? No that's it acutely.

I however have other greatness to post about. Like attending Anime Expo in L.A California, crazy story behind it to. To the crazy, one of my  friends calls me out of the blue and asks " want to go to AX ?" ( Anime Expo ). It was odd for him to ask because it was the day it started and I live over 2,000 miles from L.A. He than side he was buying the plane ticket and if I refused he would kill me. I love my life so I agreed. 6 am the next day I was at GWB in houston to get going.... unfortunately some date mix up on US Airways website had me stuck in Houston until 3pm. I get to L.A at 6.30pm, found my friend and went  to the Expo.

Landed in L.A
So am on the ground back in my love and home California!! Get my Expo pass and..... my names wrong on the pass and I want be able to attend FictionJunction Live. NOO!! So off to a bad start, I've seen FictionJunction live before back in 2009 at Animelo summer Live rebridge. ( still the best ASL i've attended ) I also learned that LiSA was a guests this year ( someone else I so at a Animelo Summer, 2010) As I cam to grips with missing Yuki Kajiura I also learned I would not be able to attend LiSA live. I did love the cosplay and the Con.
hay Doctor Who!

some sayins

I have over 150 pics I'll post the others later. I than hit the dealer room not really looking for anything just walking around, than I found a table with Nana Mizuki goods. ( and my money lift my wallet ) Old issues of Pick-up Voice and other thing. I've never understood why it's so hard to get Nana stuff at American Anime cons but this table had a good amount of Anison stuff. Pickup 3 Nana magazines a first press copy of "Time Space Ep" ( I have 3 of the same CD all First Press, am a sad fanboy) and a new Jam Project cd.

So after my friend got back from the LiSA concert he gave me a blue ticket and side it was for LiSA CD signing. So I went to go get a CD signed. Luck not withholding, there was no signing. No, but something even cooler happened. It was a photo shoot!! Yes LiSA came out greeted the fans and toke pictures with each of us. Yahhh!!! picture with LiSA!! My turn came and I went to say " Hi!"

All was going to be great, I'd meet LiSA and shack her hand and...... my camera just killed itself !! The way the shoot worked was you give you're camera to a staff member and they take the picture. All would have been good if my cameras would take a clean pic, but no fuzzy town !!!

As you can see fuzzy as hell!! ( I fuzzed out my face even more ) So I was asked to please go so that other people could get there picture. It was than that I realized I had anther camera !! I quickly got it out and asked if I could use this one, they agreed and for once my luck held out!!

She is so cute!! She's also Tiny !! ( but am short to )  After the awesomeness of meeting LiSA was over I once again got my bad luck back. I went to see if I could buy one of LiSA's CD only to find out they were all sold out. there was a up side to all of this, I got a e-mail informing me that my work had agreed to give me my time off next month.

So all and all not a bad trip, oh before I forget am re-uploading all of my dead torrents am sorry for taking so long.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yes after a long, long LONG!! time the Nana BDs are here!! Live Castle x Journey is here, a day before the official release date to.

To fully injoy my Nana goodness I need  this  stuff .
1. Copies of Nana Mizuki Live Castle x Journey Kings Night , Queen Night.


2. A Blu-ray player.


3. ( Optional ) A 42" LED with 5.1 surround sound.

4 ( Not Optional ! ) A love for Nana Mizuki and her awesome talent.

This BD experience is kinda new to me, in 2007 I first got to see Nana live at Live Museum. Since that time I've seen her concerts in pearson. the last time I so her Live was begging of 2011 at Live Grace. So seeing a Nana Live like this for a first  experience is kinda cool, I just know its going to move me all the same. On the up side Live Union trip plans are finished. know to start with  10 hours worth of Nana time :)

( going to get the phoenix lights out for this and cheer on my sofa !! )

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Nana Mizuki Live Castle X Journey DVD/BD covers!!

Haven't posted anything in a longtime, sorry am working and making a response post about how I first become a Nana fan and my favorite things about Nana-chan. However wine I got my first look at the covers for the new Nana concert DVD/BD covers I hade to post them!

I can't believe I didn't get to attend this Live!!   I was not able to attend any  Live Journey venues and was not in Japan for Live Castle. Stupid work. Am very jealous of all fans how got to attend the concert. It's not the same watching it on a DVD. No most not focus on the bad, think happy stay up beat thats what Nana would do. Going back to the subject, Nana makes a hot guy! ( kinda wired to say that o_0) As with all  Nana DVD covers it's of top quality. From what I've read on other blogs about the Live it was a hell of a show! But hay what can one expect from Nana in Tokyo Dome, her dream stage am just sad I wasn't one of the thousands of fans how was there to experience the dream with her :(   ( most think happy ! am going to see her in 2 Live Union venues !!)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good Luck My Way

Man, talk about an epic music video, cant get much cooler than that. I don't care for the pink outfit too much but I guess he wears it well. Maybe we should look at getting a concert for L' Arc en Ciel? Let us know what you think of that. By the way any requests can be sent to us by e-mail, PM, forum, etc. etc. Or even just comment what you are interested in. We'll try to keep up the pace for some new stuff.


Happy that I finally posted foil man? XD

Friday, March 23, 2012

[FMR] Nana Mizuki Live Rainbow 2004-2005 at Nippon Budokan (DVD ISO)

Holly mother of god! with all the Saaya irie DVD coming in one after anther I have completely forgotten to post Nana torrents. -_-  Here's a old Nana Live her first Budokan show 2004-2005 Live Rainbow. Seeing young Nana is kinda nuts, from watching the more mature sexy Nana of today to sweet and cute Nana of then. Just like my Outrider torrent this one is a unzipped DVD ISO.


LOOK AT THE CUTE!! Nana-chan is just to cute! She's so small, I think she's 5'1 that's tiny, A fun size Nana of course she always has been fun size.  if you've only seen Nana newer stuff this concert is a trip, seeing how much about her Lives has changed and how much has stayed the same. You'll still see the Cherry Boys  and Team YODA (old Team YODA) but some thing have gone as she's grown as person and as a singer.     


Thursday, March 22, 2012

[FMR] Animelo Summer Live 2006 Outrider I (DVD ISO)

My DVD ripe  program can't seem to take rip some of my DVD so am releasing them in ISO. If you have VLC you can play the unzipped ISO, yes there already unzipped so here's my first ISO release a classic of anison concerts Animelo Summer Live 2006. I lov ASL how it brings together so many talented singers. unfortunately I only have the part I concert the II is out of print.

ASL is definitely a great concert I first attend ASL in 2008 and went to each one. ( missed ASL 2011 I missed Nana in 2011 to) So a old but classic show, look forward to more oldies.