Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy 21st birthday Saaya Irie!

Today Saaya-chan is 21.

Yes today the beautiful saaya is now 21 years old, and just like last year here's Saaya birthday post.





\ Which is now 21 years old (^ o ^) /

Everyone, the message Thank you for celebration!

I'm very happy ♪♪

21-year-old health first, challenge to various things, I will continue to strive.

Of 21-year-old Saaya also, thank you cheer please.

Today we come to the location of the natural to feel (((o (* ° ° *) o)))
I know the Google Translate is horrible and my own skills in reading Japanese are lackluster at best so for this I use Google Translate. 
To continue the trend from my previous Saaya birthday post I will now show random Saaya bikini pictures from the last year. Before I do that I would like to point out how lovely that tree picture from Saaya blog is.

Again I must say am sorry for being a pervert but this Saaya birthday post has become traditional just like my Nana and Yukari post.
So happy 21st birthday Saaya Irie I wish you have a wonderful birthday and are in good company.