Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy 38th Birthday Yukari Tamura!

Happy 17th ( 38th) birthday Yukarin !!

Everyone favorite lazy idol is 38 today ! I've become a much bigger fan of Yukari ( and no not because of her rather ample assets ) The actual reason I've come to love Yukarin is because of her completely lazy and bummed out personality. Also her underlying love of money. I also think she my enjoy torturing her co-host.

Honestly just watching this shows Live streams over the last year has made me love the goofy / lazy / adorably evil  Yukari Tamura. Here are more awesome gifts of Yukarin being herself.

She's just awesome I can't believe I haven't been a bigger Yukarin fan. I probably should have looked more in to  Yukari Tamura after hearing all the good thing her buddy Nana-chan had to say about her.  I hope Yukarin had a wonderful birthday and that she continues to have great year.
I just hope I haven't become A bigger fan of a artists who is planning to retire soon, She's 38 only 2 more years to 40.  On the other hand I can see Yukari holding out to at least 50, am not joking just look at Okui Masami.
To close happy Birthday Yukari Tamura and yes you are eternally 17.
ooh I saved the best picture for last!


Also Yukari thinks Nana is cool and she's a fan.
I am sorry for such a short post but do to certain events at work am super busy so I just don't have time like I once did.
Also Please take time to pry ( what ever your faith is ) for the people of the Ukraine. The 2 months I spent working there where wonderful and I made a very good friend.
Am sorry for the sudden down turn, Anyway happy 17th birthday Yukari Tamura.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! 2 almost 2 days late.

This is my 2nd V-day post since I started this blog 2 years ago.

So much like 2 years ago here are the list of Japanese musicians I want to give chocolates to. Just like last time gender has nothing to do with my choices.

So here we go starting at 20.

20a . Zombie Akb48.

Ok they don't really count, I just wanted to put the Akb48 zombies on this post.

20. ( for real )  Aya Hirano.

2 years ago Aya was on my list and then I said she wasn't done yet, and in 2014 Aya isn't gone yet. Keep going strong Aya. Here are some super yummy chocolates.

19. Minami Minegishi.

If anyone idol shows how the japanese idol culture is changing for the better it's Akb48's Minami Minegishi. ( maby Sashihara rino, but forget Sashi  ) After Mii-chans sex scandal and her embarrassing YouTube apology video it would not be to out there to think she would have been thrown out of Akb. Instead Mii-chan was demoted to Kenkyuusei.  Thankfully Mii-chan didn't get in the dumps and quite. She rallied her self and showed everyone just how strong she really was, not even a year after her scandal Mii-chan is captain of team 4 and winning new fans with her awesome  Goriki  Ayame impression.

18. Mika Kondo

Yay MIKA, you rock DXD is pretty good. Mika not just Nana's sister but a great artist in her own right. She is different from Nana in so many awesome ways ( not going to deep in to that yet, making a DXD post. ) I would absolutely love to see Mika and Nana do  work together, anyne else think so to?

17. Akb48 and the 48 group family.

Am listening Akb48 and family groups like this so that my Valentine's list isn't over run with more akb48 members ( my oshi Ichikawa Miori is not counted because she still gets her own place on this list ). Say what you want about the actual evil of Akb48 and how it's almost impossible to avoid them if you reside in Japan, or how they get millions of yen out of their sucker fan base. Ther just something about them that's just so addictive. So they get chocolates for being evil.

16. RAY.

A newer Ani-sama, former bikini model and well uh? How do I talk about her and not talk about her huge cleavage! Am not a pervert, she's  a wonderful singers and has a adorable personality. However watching her at Animelo Summer 2012 trying to dance and not draw attention to her chest was awesome. She gets chocolates, I hope to see more of her over this next year.

15. Hyde

Hyde ( HHHYYDDDEEE) so sexy so cool, did I mention I find Hyde extremely sexy. >.<  Chocolates for Hyde for being one of the hottest thing alive.

14. May'n

May'n has blossomed since her debut, she's pretty much dedicated to being a Anisama. May'n is also the only thing keeping her agency "flying dog"  alive. Over this last year I've become a big fan of hers I haven't started buying her CD's and Live BD's obsessively yet but am sure that days coming. May gets her chocolates for taking my future moneys!

13. Gackt

10x more sexy then Hyde ...... that is all. Here are the chocolates ~.~

12. BabyMetal

 Death metal has never been so cute. The 3 lolis of BabyMetal have been on a rise recently, appearing on numerous verity shows and music shows. I couldn't help but fall for this adorable evil lolis. I hope I can pick up some BabyMetal stuff when am in Japan next week. BabyMetal gets Death Metal chocolates ! ROCK ON!

11.  Megumi Ohori

My former Akb48 oshi and my favorite married idol ( until Nana and T.M get married. lol ) I absolutely love Mee-tan. When I first got in to Akb48 Mee-tan was my absolute Kami-Oshi. Watching her deal with hard times and remain strong. When she got married I was very happy for her, even more happy for her now that I know she's pregnant. Mee-tan am so glad you have found happiness in this life. You get chocolates because soon you'll be craving it.

It's time for my top 10, This are my absolute favorites in the world and get extra chocolates !

10. Nakagawa Shoko

Super Otaku and cat eater Shokotan is my number 10 choice, she's  also looking for a husband so guys look good for her. I love this super nerd who isn't in anyway ashamed of her nerdom, she knows who she really is and rather then hide it she has made it her mine charm point. I really hope Shokotan doesn't find a husband to soon because I don't want her to retire, but chocolates for Shokotan.... and a marriage proposal. ( I have a great job, make good money and love cats to! )

09. Kishō Taniyama

I love Kisho, something about him just is so freakishly cool! I don't know why I do, I just do! Am giving  chocolates to all of Granrodeo.  I would love to actually be able to see Granrodeo in one of their concert and possibly give Kisho-sama chocolates in person. O.O

08. Izumi Sakai of ZARD

I have come to love ZARD even more over this last year, so much so that I now have all of here available Live DVDs  and memorial lives. I miss her very much. I truly wish That she has found peace in the next world.

O7.  Takanori Nishikawa

He gets 7 for Nana, he needs to get married to Nana. No not really, I enjoy TM Revaluation music. The combination of rock, teckno and classic music is awesome. Also most importantly he is handsome, very handsome. ( lots of beef cakes on my list this year ? 0_o)

06. Yui Horie

For the life of me I can't think of why Yuton hasn't been on this list yet, I love Yu-ton she just kinda slept under my eyes 2 years ago. Not this year, here are you're chocolates Yui Horie.

05. Arika Takarano

The ALI Project just keeps getting more creepy and all the more awesome. Arika Takarano age hasn't shown yet, she's eating children or something. Only explanation  I can think of for her beauty. Lady Arika Takarano here's some chocolates please don't take my soul.

04. Miori Ichikawa

Fresh Lemon or Miori Ichikawa is my current oshi in Akb48, not one of the more popular member. She'll never be center or kami 7 but tiny Miorin head butted and lemon rolled in to my heart. Sh funny cute, and kinda stupid but it's her imperfections that make me love her. Miorin gets chocolate lemons.

03. JAM Project.


I was going to do each of them separate but I couldn't choose who goes where, so to simplify and make room on my list for others they all get 3. Share the chocolates with one another please.

02 Yukari Tamura & Yuka Kagurazaka

I have to give chocolates to Yukarin, I love her concerts so much. Also last Year I made several post about a sudden more sexy Yukarin and know I know that it's not Yukari but her alter ego 1980's style  idol Yuka Kagurazaka.  So the sweet happy Yukarin / Yuka scams 2 boxes of chocolate.

01. Nana Mizuki

No shock uh? Nana-chan will always be the No.1 idol in my heart. She's helped me at my darkness times. I like to believe she knows just how much she means to her fans how love and adore her. I am still eternally thankful to Nana Mizuki for everything she's done for me, and she'll never know it witch is fine by me. Nana's chocolates are full of love from all her fans from all over the world.

This concludes my V-Day post, It almost  2 days past Valentine's Day but I wanted to get it out there.
So to everyone happy Valentine's Day.