Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yukari Tamura Belly Dancer ?

I found this on Tumblr just now, Gif of Yukarin in a sexy belly dancer custom. Am currently freezing my ass off with my new best friend ( yes am talking about you Ukrainian coworker, why is this country so cold ? )

Any who, Nana-chan and Yukarin have know dressed in my cultures clothing :)

She's so cute and sexy! Also someone give me info on this picture and video shoot. 

Yukarin I like your evolving image, still cute but also becoming sexy, keep it up.

What the hell ..........? LOL

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy 20th Brithday Saaya Irie.

Happy 20th Birthday Saaya Irie, That's all.

Saaya's blog post from her final day as a teenager.







(Today was the day of the teen last! !

The ♪ I came to maintenance to go to the hair salon Queeva

Tomorrow twenty years old finally.

Tweets in pods Fan Club Rainbow, because I wrote a lot and thoughts event teen, please look If you have your time.

Now, Tsu'll get up in spirit tomorrow by the Early to bed today!

Good night ☆)

Her 20th birthday post.


( I am twenty years old.

Thank you for your comments celebration lot.

I was born November 15, 1993 20 years ago. Around 5:30 in the evening.

Healthy, not worried about what, I grew up in full vigor.

Was brought up carefully for 20 years, is very grateful to the parents.

Thank you for raising me by wrapping them in a great love dad, mom, 20 years.

We think as one adult, action is aware of responsibility, I would like full fling by absorbing a lot of various things towards the goal from now on.

Everyone of the fan,
Thank you support in the future.  )

 I find it odd the only birthdays I remember are Nana and Saaya's, Wonder why that is. 0_o MEH Happy 20th Birthday Saaya-chan my you have many more.

Now to continue my Saaya birthday tradition, SEXY PICTURES OF SAAYA!

 You know am getting tired of my cleavage happy posts, am better then this ! My next post will have nothing to do with cleavage ! Am going to do A good old post on Nana! ( hell AKB at this point )

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nana Mizuki smoking a cigar! Yukari Tamura totally cleavage happy!

"Nana-chan you can't be smoking it's not healthy ! Not to mentioned cigar smell bad! It's not idol like Nana!" ( Joking )

I'm joking I have no issue with Nana Mizuki smoking a cigar,  It's just freakishly out of character of the Nana we know and love. Yes I also know it's just a magazine picture and not real. After my Yukari post I was expecting for Nana to fallow suit with some kind of out of norm picture, didn't get Nana using natures natural bra ( i.e her hands ) but in stead we get Nana smoking a Churchill! ( Am also informed she's not smoking Churchill's brand of favorite cigar, thank you Ukrainian coworker looking over my shoulder from the seat behind me.)

I actually like the smoking Nana picture, makes her seem really cool and jazzy! Also I need a cover because am going to make another post on Yukarins cleavage. ( am not a perv I swear ! >.<)  I know am focusing to much on such a nonsense issue as Yukarin and her new found love of how busty she can be. I'm making this post after seeing Yukari Tamura's newest music video  called 恋と夢と空時計  ( "Sky clock dreams and love" ) I know I probably got that wrong, I can speak excellent conversational Japanese ( also I've been told I speak with a Kansai accent, probably because the women who I learned from lives in Osaka and had a incredibly unorthodox why of teaching me ) but still cannot read it. : ( 

Here's a 1:30 preview of the video and Yukarin's cleavage.

And another one. 


Yukari still looks so cuuuute!! ">.<" It's so hard not to notice her bust in that green dress! ( no she's 37 but says she's 17, it's a Japanese idol thing, why do you keep looking over my shoulder ? )
Also in this video you get to see Yukarin obsess over her self with numerous self portraits. That also line her walls. ( guess I kind of figured her wall would be covered in pictures of her favorite short person Nana Mizuki )
                              Don't look, don't look
 "No Yukarin this perfectly tasteful pictures of showing more skin are not ok!" 

Am starting to think I may come to like the more risky Yukarin. It's so not the Yukari Tamura I've know of up until know, compared to the trash celebrities my country pumps out this days Yukarin is an angle.

She's actually very beautiful in this picture, one of my favorites of the new "busty Yukarin age" ( long my it be!!! ). Changes in a celebrities image are a common thing and happen often, but that's not the case for Japanese idol coulter. A sudden change in a idols image can unbalance  their fans and have negative outcomes for the idol, of course it is just as likely to swing the other way.
The Japanese Idol coulter is a amazing thing. I truly love it and miss it so much sometimes ( like now, why are you know setting next to me Ukrainian coworker ? .....  Am going of topic. Just keep the post to cleavage. Am not obsessing of her cleavage again.)

In my last post I said I was wondering what the fan fallout would be and crazy thing is most Yukarin fans I've talked to have liked the new Yukari pictures. I was actually expecting negative feed back about it.  Facts are Otaku who from a majority of both Yukarin and Nana-chans fan bases take change just as well as my cat ' fuzzskins' takes a bath. Kicking, screaming and in some cases scratching faces.
To put the cherry on top of this pile of crazy. This pictures bellow of Yukarin and Nana got more negative feedback then the 'nude yukarin' picture did.

 Yep, both Nana-chan and Yukarin got more negative feed back from their respective photo shots for  'Gothic & Lolita Bible' then any other picture before. Otaku ( like my self ) are odd crazy thing that never give off normal or predictable signals. Using your hands to cover your oddly large chest ok, but dressing in overly Lolita clothes not ok.  -_- 
I should end here, am making this post why am traveling to a work area, In closing I fully support the more adult Yukari image ( even if she's 37 and just now growing up ) And someone keep Nana from the cigars! Who's she trying be Okui Masami?   LOL