Monday, January 30, 2012

[FMR] Saaya - Junrenai

Ok I'm a pedophile, am 28 and own 1 saaya irie dvd. Just take me to the darkest pits of hell..... because I loved it. (it was her first 18 year old release so am I ok ?)

Yes she was probably only 17 when this dvd was shoot. You can't blame a guy for wanting to get this, It's Saaya Irie she is just perfect.Ok she's got her body and..... acutely thats all she has she a ok actress ( hell girl live action, ect). The creepy thing is I've eyed her when I so her "Love 14" dvd and thats just not right.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Small Changes

Hey hey I'm back for a quick (not too important) announcement. The site design has very slightly changed. The links to the other pages are now on the right side of the page and the ad was also moved. I know this isn't too important but ya know, baby steps for a brand new group. Anyway there was a new page made as well containing completed works and the torrent links to them. Any suggestions are always welcome and appreciated, just drop me a message or comment and let me know.

Friday, January 20, 2012


To day is Nana Mizuki's 32nd birthday and for a girl hows 32 shes still hot! Happy birthday to Nana chan, I wish that she has many more. (fore the states her brith day 01/21/1980) My computer is set to Hong Kong time for work and blog reasons, so happy b-day Nana chan time to marathon all her Live dvd I have. >_<

Nana from her 2011 live journey.

Pictures from Nana Mizuki Live Castle Kings Night, Queens Night. This Live was held last month.


Another post!! Part 2 of Nana Mizuki Live Fighter  Blue side. In 2007 Nana's Live Museum was the first time I so Nana live. After that if I was in Japan and had Time off work I was at her lives, assuming I was able to get a ticket and get a friend to go with me. I've seen her live 9 times. My seats at live diamond sucked but at her lesson 5 of her 2010 live academy my seats  rocked! I missed live journey and lost a auction for live castles tickets, if I had gotten that ticket I would have gotten on a flight to Japan in a heartbeat. I read on anther blog that some Nana "nub" got a ticket from a shop, if I had a 100% chance of getting one like that I would have gone. To the person I side was "nub" am just jealous of you. Anyway back to the original topic Nana's Live Fighter a 2 day show of Nana greatness. Blue Side opens with Nana flying over the crowd singing Astrogation.
Show opening.
Nana over the crowd

hope she doesn't fall.
My seats at blue side were  in the middle of the crowd just 3 rows from the center stage. The dvd of the live was ok, but if you can see her live go the experience is a one of a kind.  Her next song was "still in the groove".....hay this is becoming a review? No I should just get the torrent out!! Sorry to stop in the beginning but just watch the Live Dvd and you can see her greatness!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


YES!! Animelo Summer 2011 Rainbow is coming to dvd and bd dice on 3/28/2012. I'm going to preorder it from and bring it to you as soon as it comes in.
here is a link to the official web page.



Just a quick announcement for everyone! The mobile site is up and running so pick up your phone and check it out! The design is slightly different, a little more pink, and will run better on your phone than the original blog. My cohort will drop posts often about new things, so keep your eyes open and now watch the blog when you are out and about!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nana Mizuki Livedom-birth on hold .

Am sorry to announce that Nana Mizuki Livedom-Birth is on hold. I'm having trouble riping the dvd so am going to put it aside and pump out different rips and get the Nana live as soon as possible.

Nana Mizuki crying (not from the down Live )
Other than the sad pic of Nana chan crying heres some good news. "Animelo Summer Live 2006 outrider" is one of the upcoming projects!!! I have not found a good download so I've got the DVD!

[FMR] Tamura Yukari LOVE♥LIVE 2010 Starry☆Candy☆Stripe PART 2 !!!

I have nothing to do so in just a day here's part 2 of my yukari live.

The bast part of part 2 is Yukari shaking her butt for the crowd. No review  yet, my computer is ripping dvd faster leaving No time to do long posts.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Tamura Yukari LOVE♥LIVE Starry☆Candy☆Stripe

I know its not whats next on the project list but the Nana Mizuki 2006 live is giving me some trouble. With Nana down I'll show some love to my 2nd favorite seiyuu idol Yukari Tamura. I'll post part 2 tomorrow with a review of the Live.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


HALLO TO EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!! Just got a new torrent up from my goddess and future wife (even if she  doesn't know it yet. :) No not really but we have uploaded part 1 of NANA MIZUKI LIVE FIGHTER 2008 RED SIDE BLUE SIDE. We will be posting part 2 of blue side soon and the 2 parts of red side.