Sunday, January 20, 2013


A very happy B-day to Nana-chan!!!!!

She just keeps getting more beautiful every year, I love her!! 2012 was anther huge year for Nana, her biggest tour ever anther album and multiple singles. From " Rock Bound Neighbors" to " Lovely Fruit". The best of all however is the first Nana concerts of the year " NANA MIZUKI LIVE GRACE  2013 -II OUPS-"

The first live Grace back in 2011 is probably one of  Nana best concerts ever. I was lucky to get tickets to this concerts almost 2 years ago. I wanted to go to OPUS II but could not get any time off from work plus its hard as hell for me to get tickets to her Lives. ( down side No. 937 for moving back to the US of A. )

Anther great part of 2012 was Nana-Chans music video for " Lovey Fruit ". I'm not a big fan of this song but the PV was great! Nana as waitress was just to hot!!

This PV had Nana being a bit more suggestive then she normally is. However  I have one problem with this PV, just one small problem, No its not the more sexy Nana or the 1950's soda fountain cafe not even the 2 old folks or Nana's " big Boy " boss! My problem is this!!!

That LUCKY.... I mean little brat in the PV. Pushing Nana why she's on roller skates little punk!!! ( Lucky Punk!! ) On the other hand he is a cute kid. Also after he pushed her she had a soft landing waiting for her.

                                                                          mattress save!!!

Good thing there was a mattress there to save Nana's face from becoming one with the ground. The PV was just all around great, manly for the sexy waitress Nana.
YEAH Sexy waitress NANA!!!

That dress is just hot, cute and sexy at the same time, OK I need to just get off the hole waitress thing.

Its good to see that after almost 13 years Nana Mizuki has remained the same sweet person she was from the start. I just hope that in 2013 that Nana keeps getting even higher and higher in her career. She's manged to break all the walls put up for seiyu singers, and has become one of the biggest female singers in Japan. Who would have thought 1998 that Nana Mizuki would become this big. So once more happy birthday Nana-Chan!! 33 and still seems no more than 22 at the most!   ( also I have now had this blog for a year )

WOW WOW hold the phone I cant stop yet!! I need to post this pics!!!

OK in that first pic that kid is why to happy to get to push Nana's butt! -_- but this bunch of pics are the ones you need to see.

That's just so cute! he gave her some chips! Am sorry cute little kid, am just jealous of you. ( for some reasons that will remain un-named! )

So once ( for real this time ) Happy Birthday Nana-Chan, have many many more.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New years!!

Happy New Years!!!!

2013 and no end of the world, No evil death ray from the sun, and for me a year of growth. Also this year marks my 7th year of being a Nana fanboy! So for this post am going to do something I don't do on this blog am going to talk about my personal reasons for being a Nana fan.

Must of my life I've loved music from Japan, My childhood ( mid 80's early 90's )  the names I fallowed were Masami Okui, Hironobu Kagayama and Yoshiki Fukayama. In my teen years ( 90's ) the names changed to  l'arc en ciel and oddly Chisato Moritaka ( mostly her 80's works ). My adult years (2000's and  up ) have seen a huge rise in the number of Artist I fallow and like. 

My love of Japan had me living there for almost 2 years, I worked for a US company that had me go to Asia and the middle east ( home sweet hell ). So back in 2006 I was turned on to a song called "Wild eyes" by some pasty girl named Nana Mizuki, Loved the song and wanted more, living about a hour from Akihabara it wasn't hard to get more, and more and more!!  In 2007 I made my goal to see her live, and with some under handed tricks and deal making at work I was able to get that chance. 2007-02-12, I'll never forget that date it was the date of Live Museum the first Nana Live I was able to go to. My seats were horrible ( in the back!! )  but it did not take anything away from the concert or the greatness of Nana Live! 

In 2008 do to some bad experiences at my work in the Middle east I was diagnosed with PTSD ( if you want to know I was a us marine and  went though thing in Iraq that still keep me up at night sometimes )   Why I was recovering back in Japan My head doctor asked what kinds of things help me relaxes, I told him music mostly he asked who was my Favorite Artist? and with out a second of thought I side " Mizuki Nana-chan!" He told me to find what made me like her so much and why after my bad experiences I would turn to her music. I don't really know my self, something about her has me hoked on her. 

In 2010 my contract in the USMC ended and I went to work for MPF, a shipping company that had me travel around Asia I had moved back to the USA by that time. I was still able to get to Japan for Nana Lives and other concerts. 2011 was the first year since 2007 I only attended one Nana Live, and that was Live Grace, It was also that year that Nana-chans book Shin-Ai was published. I got a hold of a copy of the book and paid for it to be translated to English for a small fee ( I sent it to a translation group in California who charged me 1,800$ for the job) so the most expansive copy of Shin-Ai in the world! However when I read the book I soon realized why I loved Nana as a Artist and a person, her personalty and who she was had been made by horrible experiences during her childhood and teen years, but rather than hate the people responsible she found love and kind words for them. The unbelievable strength of will for that is far beyond anything I could even dream of. 

So even in 2008 when I was a mass I found something in her music and her that helped me get past some of the worst times in my life, I still love her songs, Lives TV shows. This has been a really bad post I am sorry for that but am kinda off sometimes and this helps me. 

In closing once more happy new year to everyone.