Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good Luck My Way

Man, talk about an epic music video, cant get much cooler than that. I don't care for the pink outfit too much but I guess he wears it well. Maybe we should look at getting a concert for L' Arc en Ciel? Let us know what you think of that. By the way any requests can be sent to us by e-mail, PM, forum, etc. etc. Or even just comment what you are interested in. We'll try to keep up the pace for some new stuff.


Happy that I finally posted foil man? XD

Friday, March 23, 2012

[FMR] Nana Mizuki Live Rainbow 2004-2005 at Nippon Budokan (DVD ISO)

Holly mother of god! with all the Saaya irie DVD coming in one after anther I have completely forgotten to post Nana torrents. -_-  Here's a old Nana Live her first Budokan show 2004-2005 Live Rainbow. Seeing young Nana is kinda nuts, from watching the more mature sexy Nana of today to sweet and cute Nana of then. Just like my Outrider torrent this one is a unzipped DVD ISO.


LOOK AT THE CUTE!! Nana-chan is just to cute! She's so small, I think she's 5'1 that's tiny, A fun size Nana of course she always has been fun size.  if you've only seen Nana newer stuff this concert is a trip, seeing how much about her Lives has changed and how much has stayed the same. You'll still see the Cherry Boys  and Team YODA (old Team YODA) but some thing have gone as she's grown as person and as a singer.     


Thursday, March 22, 2012

[FMR] Animelo Summer Live 2006 Outrider I (DVD ISO)

My DVD ripe  program can't seem to take rip some of my DVD so am releasing them in ISO. If you have VLC you can play the unzipped ISO, yes there already unzipped so here's my first ISO release a classic of anison concerts Animelo Summer Live 2006. I lov ASL how it brings together so many talented singers. unfortunately I only have the part I concert the II is out of print.

ASL is definitely a great concert I first attend ASL in 2008 and went to each one. ( missed ASL 2011 I missed Nana in 2011 to) So a old but classic show, look forward to more oldies.


Saaya - 18 Sotsgyou - Graduation

Am starting to think that Saaya is the one and only thing people come to get off this blog. So here's more saaya.

This DVD is short, No more than 35 minutes and a 14 minute making of and behind the scenes video. The DVD is the first in a set of 3. So yah going to hell for looking at her but hay all the people how download it are going with me.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Okui Masami

First Nana turns 32 then Yukarin turned 36, but the two "girls" are nothing in the "age to looks department" when put against Okui Masami how is 44 to day.

from Ma-kun's blog from 2 days ago

Okui Masami is so hot for any age, she's the anison queen. Ma-kun to her small but loyal fan base how love her as do the Jam Project fans. Okui image has changed greatly in the past few years. She's gone from cute artsy type to overly sexy.
Ma-kun 2004
Ma-kun 2007- that other cute one is Nana Mizuki
Ma-kun 2010 (and Nana again )
Ma-kun 2012

Ma-kun doesn't need to eat kids to look as good as she dose, she just snaps her fingers and its so. No matter how much more I love other Anisons Ma-kun still has a special place in my heart. She was the first female Japanese singer I got in to, mostly thanks to the utena opening song ( funny thing is the singer how got me in to J-music was Hironobu Kageyama him and okui chan are members of Jam Project) As I side in my v-day post Ma-kun has a great set of legs. It sounds pervy but her legs are great!! Always good to have eye candy to look at ( Nana  has her "tush" and Yukarin has her "thigh")
But anyway happy birthday to Okui Masami my she have many more. (and keep her awesome set of legs)

for guys reading this blog some pics of Okui Masamis legs (and the crazy girl fans)

Friday, March 2, 2012

[FMR] Saaya - Junjou Ai

So yah? More Saaya.... MORE SAAYA!!!  Shes 18 and this dvd is a 18 release. Her officials Saaya 18 dvd comes out on the 8th of this month. If you like Saaya Irie than you'll love this dvd it's full of the bikini action that the pervy Saaya fans have come to love.

I have the next saaya dvd on pre-order from expect a March 11th release. This dvd on the other hand should keep all the saaya perv like me more than happy.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

[FMR] Shoko Nakagawa Gravure Pack

Am haveing some problems with my saaya dvd so have a ass load of Shoko Nakagawa in a bikini. All 5 of the Shokotan dvd I have are in this torrent.

Beach Angels : Nakagawa Shoko in Ishigaki-jima & Taketomi-jima (DVD) (Japan Version)

Nakagawa Shoko - Cutie Attack (DVD) (Japan Version)

Shoko Nakagawa - Tokimeki Shokotan (Japan Version)

Shoko Nakagawa - Shoko Fantasy (DVD) (Japan Version)

Nakagawa Shoko - Miss Megazine 2002 (DVD) (Japan Version)
5 Shokotan dvd thats a bunch of "fap" videos, Don't act like you won't this are gravure dvd this is what they were made for. Shokotan doesn't make this kind of dvd anymore and i frocked out 200 $ for this dvds. I spend my "$$" for dvd because I want to bring this to the states so no one eles has to. Please in joy the shoko goodness I'll have the Saaya dvd up as soon as I can.