Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yes after a long, long LONG!! time the Nana BDs are here!! Live Castle x Journey is here, a day before the official release date to.

To fully injoy my Nana goodness I need  this  stuff .
1. Copies of Nana Mizuki Live Castle x Journey Kings Night , Queen Night.


2. A Blu-ray player.


3. ( Optional ) A 42" LED with 5.1 surround sound.

4 ( Not Optional ! ) A love for Nana Mizuki and her awesome talent.

This BD experience is kinda new to me, in 2007 I first got to see Nana live at Live Museum. Since that time I've seen her concerts in pearson. the last time I so her Live was begging of 2011 at Live Grace. So seeing a Nana Live like this for a first  experience is kinda cool, I just know its going to move me all the same. On the up side Live Union trip plans are finished. know to start with  10 hours worth of Nana time :)

( going to get the phoenix lights out for this and cheer on my sofa !! )