Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A picture of Nana Mizuki mother!

Starting off first am not sure if I have permission to post this picture from

If has a issue with me using this picture please let me know. I will remove the post at once if so.

Ok on to the goods. Ladies and gentlemen Nana beautiful mother.

Just wow, Nana looks so much like her mother.

Nana you have nothing to worry about if you age like Nana-mama.

It's acutely kinda creepy how much the mother and her 2 daughters look alike, Maybe they are evil clones planning on world conquest ? 

I am currently working on a Nana birthday post and a post on my favorite new Seiyuu. I just wanted to get this post out after seeing how beautiful Nana-mama was. Also congratulations Nana on a return to Tokyo Dome this year.

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